The Master’s Program in Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences aims to train specialized professionals able to handle and solve various sport, physical education, and health problems in light of new developments in science and technology.

The program offers students five courses and 39 research fields. The students enroll in one of the following courses, and one of the research fields: Sport Culture, Management and Politics, Health and Sport Education, Health and Fitness, Athletic Conditioning, and Coaching. Research fields include: philosophy of physical education (PE) and sport, history of PE and sport anthropology, sport sociology, theory of budo, management of PE and sport, sport policy, sport industry, sport pedagogy, theory of adapted PE and sport, sport psychology, health education, environmental health, sport physiology, sport biochemistry, sport nutrition, physical fitness, health and fitness for active living, measurement and evaluation of sport, sport medicine for wellness, sport medicine for motor system, sport biomechanics, applied anatomy, general theory of coaching and training, theory of movement, coaching in gymnastics, sports gymnastics, track & field, swimming, volleyball, basketball, handball, soccer, rugby, racket & bat sports, judo, kendo, and kyudo, outdoor pursuits and education and dance studies.