Courses and Aims of Personnel Development

1. Sport Culture, Management and Politics

For those interested in becoming involved in sports management, newspaper reporting, television producing, professional or private sports club management, and government bureaucrats or organizations making sport policies. You will learn advanced information about sports culture as it relates to these professions for teachers.

2. Health and Sport Education

An advanced course for those preparing to become health and physical education teachers. Will provide the ability to instruct advanced courses in health, adapted sports, and outdoor education. Will also teach about becoming mentors and administrators of sport at the local level.

3. Health and Fitness

For those interested in becoming fitness club instructors, professional or corporate nutritionists, employees at research institutes and businesses concerned with healthy body mechanics, or civil servants interested in advancing health and fitness.

4. Athletic Conditioning

For those pursuing roles as professional or corporate sports trainers, athletic rehabilitation staff, or school teachers can be sports trainers.

5. Coaching

Will teach how to effectively coach professional, corporate, or local club sports teams, and martial arts, along with choreographing and producing dance performances.